Katherine Merlot

Katherine Merlot – Load for Katherine

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Cum for Katherine

Rocky, who’s 26, is doing a few fit out back. Katherine, who’s 73, calls to him from the window.

“Rocky, come back here,” she says. “I have something else I need you to do for me upstairs.”

Change a lightbulb? No. Nail something into the wall? No, but close. Fix Katherine’s plumbing? You’re getting closer.

Katherine, who’s wearing horny lingerie, desires help along with her stockings. Rocky is glad to lend a hand. And then his tool. Before long, she’s working on his fuckstick and he is working on her old divorcee crotch and cumming everywhere her face.

All in a day’s match, right?

Katherine is a delicious, well-aged redhead who’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy within. If it is class and elegance you desire, she’s your gal.

“I suppose you can be classy and raunchy, if which makes more sense. I try to be elegant inside the way I dress and carry myself, but when I have sex with a man, the dirtiest things will come out of my mouth. Having a sex drive and a healthy sex life preserves your vitality. It keeps which spring in your step. It is simply as healthy as eating lots of veggies.”

But not asparagus. Don’t eat asparagus if you’re planning on jizzing on a GILF’s face or in her mouth. Actually bad plan.

This public service announcement was brought to you by 60PlusMILFs.com.

Cum for Katherine

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Katherine Merlot – Fucking which 73-year-old camel toe

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Fucking which 73-year-old pussy

Currently 73 years mature, divorcee, older and red head Katherline Merlot returns to 60PlusMILFs.com to take on Juan’s massive dick. She’s wanting beautiful in a horny bra and panties. So, what’s Katherine been up to since we last saw her concerning a year ago?

“I”ve been doing more touring up and down the east coast trying to please all those young men…and the aging,” said Katherine, who was born in Romania and currently lives inside the Us. “I love to offer great blows. That’s my favorite thing to do. I just have a fetish, I think, about nice hard, teenage cocks. I like them in my camel toe, too, but I have to get them hard 1st.”

“Cunt”? Did she say, “Cunt”? Yes, she did. Anyway…

“I lay them down on the couch and i go down on their fuckstick and i tickle their balls gently, then I put it in my mouth and i just suck it. I go up and down with my tongue and all around the head of the fuckstick. And then I take my tongue and go right down to the sack. I lick them, I suck them, then back up to the boner, and by then, my twat is great and juicy and wet, and I’m prepared to get screwed.”

Katherine says her pussy is “a old crotch but further very youthful. I get plenty of compliments on my beaver.”

Juan compliments it by fucking it hard and cumming on Katherine’s face. Welcome back, Ms. Merlot.

Fucking that 73-year-old pussy

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Katherine Merlot – A Threesome For The 70something

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A Threesome For The 70something

Here at 60PlusMILFs.com, we like to treat our chicks well, so we gave Katherine Merlot the double dicking this 70something divorcee deserved. We gave her Tony’s enormous white fuckstick and Asante’s huge chocolate schlong, and she wasted no time hungrily devouring them.

“You like this mature woman’s mouth?” Katherine said as she took turns sucking their cocks. “You like how I suck on your big, hard dicks?”

When Katherine got one of those dicks in her horny pussy, she immediately let loose with the fuck speak.

“Fuck my crotch harder! I like that teenage fuckstick within me!” she shouted. Her naughty mouth rattled on the entire time. Which is, unless her lips were plugged with a chubby schlong. Katherine fucks like a well-lubed machine, rocking back and forth as if pumping for oil. She likewise pushes her limits for cock meat.

“I have a smaller camel toe canal. I can take eight inches, nine is pushing it. I have to work up to something that massive.”

Katherine certainly enjoyed pushing herself. And she ended up with two loads of jizz on her face.

We suppose she seems perfect that way.

A 3some For The 70something

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Katherine Merlot – A creampie with your Merlot

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A creampie with your Merlot

Looking attractive, prepared and attractive, 71-year-old Katherine Merlot returns to 60PlusMILFs.com for in addition dick. Her partner is 33-year-old Tony, and she leaves no doubt as to what she needs. She’s not interested in his designs. She’s interested in his penis, and she spreads her legs invitingly and tugs down on her top as he tries to maintain his composure.

But composure is rarely simple to maintain once Ms. Merlot is around. Before long, he’s sucking on her breast, and she’s blowing on his fuckstick, and then he’s having his way along with her muff and turning it into a creampie.

Classy, sexy and raunchy is not a combination which comes straightforward to most women, but it will for Katherine. She has been an escort for 30 years, giving her a lot of time to refine the balance between elegance and slutiness. Even though she would have scoffed at the idea of being an escort and porno star in her younger years, Katherine says she was always a really sexual person.

“I’ve been married twice, and I always had a great sex life. Sex each day. But I likewise never would have imagined which my life would realize yourself like this. I am glad it did. It just goes to point out you, never say never!”

Katherine’s sexual nature is all too obvious after she starts fucking. Filthy things return out of her mouth, like, “You like that 71-year-old beaver? Fuck me with that nice, hard, barely legal schlong! Fuck that nice, hot, juicy camel toe!”

Hey, a babe cannot be classy all the time. What fun would which be?

“Men love to sperm within of me,” she said. “I made positive to squeeze Tony’s penis nice and tight while we were fucking. He has the perfect size cock for my crotch. It fit perfectly and felt nice fucking me. Therefore I needed him deep inside the moment he was cumming. I wanted to feel his cock quiver with each spurt he let out.”

Katherine got her want, and her mature muff squeezed out quite a jizz of load. Currently, is which classy, horny or raunchy?

A creampie with your Merlot

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Katherine Merlot – A Perfectly Aged Merlot

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A Perfectly Aged Merlot

It’s comeback time for Katherine Merlot, a 71-year-old courtesan who has been fucking her way around the Us and Canada and took time to unload by our studio and satisfy her fantasy of fucking some of our students on-camera for the Initial time. The primary dude was in his 20s. This stud, Juan, is 30. The age difference is massive, but to Katherine, it is not significant.

“I’ve had sex with men in their 20s and 30s,” she said. “I’ve additionally slept with men in their 40s to 60s. I like them all, but the younger guys are the most intrigued by me. When a night with me, they always leave pleasantly stunned.”

Of course, seeing Katherine as she’s dressed the opening shots of this episode, horny in a classy dress that shows a lot of cleavage, it’s no surprise that she’s hot inside the nuts. Besides, she’s been an escort for over 30 years, therefore she clearly knows her way around a man’s cock.

Anyway, to refresh your memory: Katherine was born in Romania and now lives within the Northeast United states (although she told us she’s about to move to South Florida). She has a daughter who’s in her 50s and knows what her mother will.

“She doesn’t necessarily agree with it, but she is aware of her mommy is planning to do what she looks like doing,” Katherine said.

And what her mother seems like doing is fucking younger men on-camera. Sounds fine to us.

A Perfectly Aged Merlot

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Katherine Merlot – Flight attendant, escort, 70plus MAMA

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Flight attendant, escort, 70plus MILF

Merely regarding the solely factor we love a lot of than introducing a new 60Plus MOTHER is introducing a new 70Plus COUGAR, and that’s what we’re doing today. Here’s Katherine Merlot, a 71-year-old redheaded from Romania who, these days, is making her way around North America, living in New York, Florida and Toronto, making men’s older fantasies come back true…which is our way of telling you that she’s an escort.

Yep, Katherine is an escort, but till she walked into our studio and did what you’re regarding to watch her doing, she had never had sex on-camera.

“I’d always needed to,” she said. “I’ve fantasized regarding it, but the time was never right.”

The situation was never right, but then the right situation came along: We found Katherine, got in touch with her and asked if she’d like to break her on-camera cherry.

“I’m extremely excited to be here,” said Katherine, who is divorced and the mother of one daughter (who is aware of all regarding her mom’s saucy side).

Though Katherine was born in Romania, she didn’t stay there long. Her family moved to Germany, then they moved to North America, where she has spent most of her life (hence, the reason she doesn’t have a Romanian or German accent). Katherine is 5’7″ and weighs 138 pounds. She measures a delicious 38DD-26-36. She used to be a flight attendant. She describes her superb evening as “dinner dates with a glad ending.”

Here, we get to see the satisfied ending. It is on Katherine’s pretty face. Welcome to 60PlusMILFs, you 70plusMILF.

Flight attendant, escort, 70plus MILF

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